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Andrew Heiser is an international awarded photographer, storyteller, and artist. Originally from Indiana, he moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago to pursue his dreams of photography. Since then he has photographed celebrities such as Kanye West, Drake, Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashians, Kathy & Richard Hilton, Larry King, Carol Burnett, Frankie Avalon, Julie Newmar, Ned Colletti, among others.

Besides celebrities, Heiser has also photographed top design professionals such as Whitney Robinson (editor-in-chief, ELLE Decor), Sophie Donelson (former editor-in-chief, House Beautiful), Clinton Smith (former editor-in-chief, Veranda), Steele Marcoux (editor-in-chief, Veranda), Joanna Saltz (editorial director, House Beautiful & Delish), William Pittel (associate publisher, ELLE Decor), Michael S. Smith, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Kathryn Ireland, Kerry Joyce, India Hicks, Edgardo Zamora, Jeff Andrews, David Kohler, Benjamin Soleimani, etc.

Currently Heiser is the head photographer at the Jonathan Club, which is ranked as one of the Top 100 Platinum City Clubs in the World (2018-2019). Heiser's work has been exhibited, featured, recognized, and / or published by ELLE Decor, House Beautiful, West Elm, CB2, Houzz, Kitchenaid, the Neutral Density Awards, Somewhere Magazine, Feature Shoot, and more.

Aside from his professional accomplishments, Heiser has always had a strong passion for fine art photography. It is what drives him, keeps him motivated, and inspires him to grow as a person and as an artist.

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